The Project To Install A Golf Course At The Hippodrome Fell Into A Hole

Once the consensus has been reached, some rough edges have been filed, in a few days a general program will be presented in public with the guidelines. It was confirmed after an internal meeting that councilors held with members of the Municipal Production Secretariat, until December 10. At the meeting, some precepts of the project were explained, in the hands of the Planning Secretariat. The launch was to be today, Friday, at 4:30 p.m., in principle, at the Independence Park property, but the activity was suspended until further notice.

There is something striking in the next presentation: the option to transform the central oval into a golf driving may not appear, an idea that already excited some entrepreneurs. On the other hand, commercial, gastronomic and sports activities will be programmed on the premises, so that those who want to walk through the area without having to do something related to turf can do so.

In the sports category, as had been established, a central half oval will remain for the Higher Institute of Physical Education. As for the turf, the activities that take place each weekend will continue since it is estimated that there are 600 families who live directly from the maintenance of the horses and other tasks.

As for golf driving (which is only used to practice shooting with clubs), everything seems to indicate that it has frozen. “Without double reading it could have contributed to popularize the sport”, they argued in the Council. These statements are intertwined with others of a political nature, made by the mayor, weeks ago, when the mayor called the opposition arch to a meeting to discuss four points and none of its members decided to attend. Gandolla had argued that a habitual socialist criticism of Menemism was precisely the practice of golf that former president himself promoted. Something that is supposed to contradict the discourse of socialism. The underlying reason, as far as could be confirmed, would have been not to offer the opposition a flank for criticism in an election year.

The Call For Bids For The Hippodrome Includes Three Central Areas:

1) Remodeling of the member stands and the launch of a new high-quality gastronomic venture. The tender will also include an indoor bar for turf fans. Emphasis will be placed on proposals from companies linked to the gastronomic sector

2) Commercial premises space. It will be a proposal aimed at brands that are related to equestrian activity.

3) Golf Driving Range, will be located in the central oval. It will be a golf training space. The Municipality will have the advice of the Rosario de Golf Association for the design of the specifications so that the proposal adjusts to the demands of this sport. It is the point that until today has been decided to “freeze”.

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Golf Professional?

Golf is one of the sports that just with the bite of a bug you swear love and loyalty. Many go further, crossing that barrier to reach professionalism and make a living from this discipline. That includes many things, from a large monetary investment to entail emotional stress as solid as your game.

Coaching and living expenses do not count. But adding the $ 390.00 USD that Valdés told us with the 45,500 USD from Espinoza, the amount comes to an approximate of almost 50,000 dollars. This to play in Latin America and start your career. Also, you have to consider the earnings. For a tournament there is a pot of $ 175,000 USD, the winner of which receives 27,000. That is, you have to get two victories to recoup the investment or just one and have been in several Top Ten.

While to recover the investment is also demanding. To date, where 13 tournaments have been played, the leader in earnings is England’s Jordan Smith with a total of $ 83,102. The golfer exceeded spending with a win, 2nd, 3rd and four Top 20s in 11 events played. For Geyger, the receipt for his performances is $ 25,020, ranking 34th.

Being on the European Tour is even more great. In general, when you get the card, you arrive from the Challenge Tour and “saved” monetarily. Although, the cost of a season is not low and if you are not with a suitable level, pockets can suffer. Felipe Aguilar, player belonging to the circuit, tells us in luxury and detail.

That is, staying on the European Tour, regardless of earnings, doubles the cost of the Challenge Tour and triples the PGA Tour La. Meanwhile, starting the race in Asia is the cheapest way to play abroad. The Chilean Antonio Costa made his debut this year on the Mena Tour , a circuit of the Middle East and Asia, whose investment varies between 27 and 30 thousand dollars . Then, this path offers you to go to the Asian Tour and apply many times to the European Tour, as long as you are in the top five of the earnings ranking.

Being a golfer is not easy, it requires effort and above all passion, a rewarding passion, independent of success. Winning a tournament, participating in a round with brilliant players, or simply finishing all 18 holes under no mistake are enough payoffs for a perfect job… for some.